Blog name ideas

Thanks to everyone who messaged me their ideas for names for this blog. In the end I wanted it to be fairly general since i plan on rambling about all of my random interests!! 🙂

Amy- you’re the best for taking the time to come up with so many names

And to those who suggested name that involved fitness or working out, i loved the suggestions but I think those who are in better shape than me would be insulted for my “poser” type false advertising. Yes I’m a wanna be fitness fanatic- when i hit my goal, then I will officially consider myself a fitness fanatic!

Megs- your suggestion to start a blog on Tumblr was awesome and I still might do that, but I’m more familiar with this cite since I have used it for school 🙂 your awesome for the suggestion though!

Thanks for all your help getting this thing up and running, now for finding the time to write blogs! 😀


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