Congestion is my worst enemy

So I guess it’s “that time of year” as they say; Cold and flu season! If you’re like me and work with children it is like tip toeing through a field of land mines. It was just a matter of time before those snotty noses I wiped would soon be mine own I was wiping. The worst of all for me is the lack of sleep. I can handle the fever, the drippy nose, the lack of appetite, shakes but the congestion – ohh no that’s my worst enemy. I am not physically able to sleep with my mouth open so sleeping while congested either means I don’t breathe period or I don’t sleep. Period. I usually never get sick. But it just so happened that this week I decided to take a break from the gym – apparently that was a mistake. Usually if I mega dose on vitamins for a few days when I feel a cold coming on I’m set, that remedy didn’t seem to work this time around :S . Thank goodness for my netty pot!! You can actually see it working and boy does it feel good after! My plan this weekend is to sweat it out. Cardio galore. As of right now my weekend shopping in PA is shot, but we’ll see what happens after today.
If you have any remedies send them over 🙂 and seriously keep your hands clean ppl!


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