An addition to our lil family?

So I’ve been thinking for a long time about getting another dog for Jers to play with. I really do want one, but our family functions so nicely now – I am terrified that adding another dog will change everything. The dog would most definitely have to be low energy! The opposite of Jersey! There is no way I’d be able to handle two high energy dogs!

The other thing I know for sure is that I would NOT want a puppy! I’m done with the “pee/poo accidents” the vet visits for monthly shots and getting fixed.

I’ve emailed a Mastiff rescue.
I have always wanted a Cane Corso , and this rescue has all kinds of mastiff breads and also American Bulldogs.

I’m just super nervous about our lives changing too much if we get another dog. Is our home too small? Will the two dogs hate each other? Will the new dog be more maintenance then Jersey? And most of all I would be absolutely crushed if jersey showed any signs of feeling ignored or not loved as much! Not to mention she’s pretty spoiled and pretty jealous when we show affection to other dogs (she squeezes her way in between me or pat and the other dog so that we have to pet her and not the other dog).

Also, we bring jersey with us to lots of family functions and there is now way I’d ever bring two dogs – its hard enough bringing one.
There is just so many other dog breeds I’d like to experience.

I also think about how well behaved jersey is and if we were to get another dog and she were to start acting badly – not listening, destroying things – I would be so upset.

I think I like the idea of another dog and perhaps anyone out there with mastiff or bulldog breeds would let me dog sit for theme every now and then I think my need for another dog would be satisfied without sacrificing – I honestly think that would be the cure – that way when we have functions or days that are too busy I have no worries about dealing with two dogs. Maybe I can convince my dad to get one of these breeds for his next dog 😉

Not to mention its hard enough finding people to watch just Jersey as it is. I can’t imagine trying to find someone to house two dogs! Lol.

So people – send me your bulldogs and mastiffs to dog sit 🙂

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