Christmas gifts

The malls are packed, the roads are busy and everyone is spending every penny on their pay, therefore obviously Christmas is coming.

With all these people in your life, its hard to wonder who to buy for and who to just send a card to. Believe me! right now in my home my kitchen white board is COVERED with peoples names and gift ideas. But how many of those people should I actually BUY a GIFT for, and how many of them would not be phased if they got a card and a small homemade token of thought.

THIS is my issue of the week.

I have made the point for the last two years to send our Christmas cards, (which i need to get started on now). I do take the time to write something original and specific in each one, which is why they seem to take so long to get done. Im hoping that for many people this year those cards will be enough to let them know im thinking of them and that I care. For imediate family and close friends I plan on buying gifts. Here is my shopping list

Pat, his mom, his dad, his great aunt, his three brothers and two of their partners, his cousin’s husband that I have for “secret santa”, (pat also has a cousin to buy a secret santa gift for),

My sister, my mom, my dad, my grandma.

Our tenant, three couples who are close friends – two have small children , so their children as well. Three Neighbours – two of whom we are very close with and watch the house as well as take care of Jersey, and two also have children ( do we include a separate gift for the children?)

Then, out of all those people, there are those of whom with which we will be spending time opening multiple gifts infront of the Christmas Tree with: My mom , my sister, Pats parents, brothers and their partners, his great aunt, My dad and my grandma, and PAT!….so one gift wont be enough while everyone is going around taking turns opening….I AM LOSING MY MIND and all my money apparently.

I am looking for gift ideas that I can give to the people on my list that aren’t family and wont be with us opening gifts but still deserve something special. I was thinking gift baskets for the neighbours but although they may seem smart and thrifty, they do end up costing a lot in the end and also, what kinda things do i put in??? DOLLAR STORE STUFF?? nooooo!!!  ….Jams and bath salts and work gloves and gift cards all came to mind, so if there are any more ideas to add to the baskets let me know!

Also, i might as well plug my idea for my new hobby. I plan on making Jewellery and homemade crafty things and I was hoping things like this would make some okay gifts ???? ….I just don’t want to be spending as much as we did last year on gifts so i need some new ideas on how to get the most for my money! 🙂



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