What to buy for those “hard-to-buy-for” people

So here I am, stressed, broke, and I have NO clue what to get for my own mother.

She doesn’t like jewellery or electronics. She apparently likes all the things in her kitchen that she has and they work just fine. She LOVES Home Sense but we will be spending Christmas morning opening gifts with her, I’m pretty sure that opening one gift card wont be enough of the Christmas experience.

I am soooooo stuck! She lives alone with the two dogs and how ever many horses, she has a PVR so she doesn’t need any movies. She doesn’t really go out to get her hair or nails done ever cause she’d rather get dirty in the barn. She doesn’t need any horse tack, my sister works at a pet store so there is no need to buy her anything for the dogs.

I am just all around confused .

Last year I did the whole “Professionally printed picture album” so i can’t do that again! She has enough  fur throws to start her own store.

She is however a fan of the hoops and yoyo cards at hallmark and laughs hysterically every time she hears them talk. So I plan on going to that website to get some “fan wear” but other than that, home sense odds and ends will be my only route, perhaps i will even make her a clay piece. 🙂

My Grandmother is also very hard to buy for! she has it all when it comes to electronics and kitchen appliances. So i came up with the idea of getting her a charm bracelet that all the kids and grandkids could participate in every birthday or Christmas. I purchased the band and one charm and from there, anyone can get her anything they choose. The charms range from 22 dollars to 500 dollars and no matter the brand name of the “charms” or band, they are all one size. Mappins, Peoples, Metal Smith’s, most jewellery store sell their own brand but you can mix and match.

Gift Baskets are also a great idea, but live I’ve said before, if you plan on making up your own, be sure that you aren’t going above the budget buying things to fill the basket! There is a store in Rockwood called “All in A Basket” that seems to put together gift baskets for you!  I have yet to visit but plan on getting there before Christmas! 🙂

All the best if you have yet to finish your shopping like me

If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to comment.


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  1. Aunt Jackie
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 20:15:57

    Nobody loves Tim Horton coffee more than your Mom,,a gift card would be good.
    New socks,,Motown CD,, a new journal for the up coming year (she is always writing in one,,,) Hope some of these help 😉


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