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Dr.Oz was on today, not sure if it was a re-run or not, but he mentioned something that got my wheels moving as a “pale activist”. He stated confidently that “Nitrates cause stomach cancer” and on his table were items such as bacon and deli meats. He also stated that vinegar in things like pickles, is a stomach irritant that also can lead to cancer of the stomach.

Taking everything Dr.Oz says with a “grain of Nitrate” (he he) I tweeted the ONLY GO-TO man when it comes to Paleo, the author of the Paleo Solution, Robb Wolf who has answered all my pale questions from day one.

He provided me with a link to his transcribed pod cast Episode 13.

I searched the podcast and found Nitrates in this section:

Whoo! Okay. Question 2: “What does is mean when certain deli meats are labeled as ‘nitrite free’? Is this worth the extra expense?”

You know, nitrates and nitrites have some kind of mutagenic characteristics in a Petri dish kind of format. There were some studies that were done that actually showed that gut bacteria end up converting the nitrates and nitrites into some actually beneficial products, which it’s been a long time since I did any reading on that. If Brad is listening to this thing, he is a toxicologist, maybe he’ll chime in on the comments with this and tell us whether or not I’m totally full of dookie on that or whatever.

But in general, I don’t think it’s that big a deal one way or the other. Hopefully, we’re not seeing like a ton of deli meats as your primary food source anyway because it’s very salty and kind of that acid-­‐base balance but if push comes to shove, not that big a deal. I would not really worry about it that much. Is the nitrate/nitrite free worth the extra expense? No, not really, but again, I would prefer not seeing that as kind of a primary staple too.

All right, good. Ah, the vinegar question. Next we got a question from Jason. “Did anyone read this New York Times article from November about vinegar and its ability to lower blood sugar? I’m curious about folks’ thoughts.”

It seems legit and I think vinegar works. A really big dose of like lime or lemon juice seems to work pretty well so it’s kind of the acid load and it seems to have something to do with the gastric emptying.

So the theory all along say like from Zone land was that you would take in a mixed meal. The mixed meal would have a significant amount of fat in it and that fat would slow gastric emptying and does blunt insulin response and glycemic response. That ended up not being true.

And in fact, actually, the addition of fat to a meal, a carbohydrate, and protein meal is actually synergistic to the insulin response. It makes it even larger so that Barry was completely wrong in that account. But interestingly, in this account, the acid load actually ends up slowing legitimately gastric emptying without triggering any other type of gut response with regards to insulin release. So it seems like a legit way to mitigate your insulin release.

So you certainly could play with it. Usually, I’m recommending the bulk of people’s carbs come in the form of a post-­‐workout kind of window. So to some degree, where would you utilize this? Say like you’re having some sort of a carbier meal and then you just throw back a couple of teaspoons of vinegar or lemon juice/lime juice to kind of blunt that, it seems like a totally reasonable thing to do, pretty easy to do, and it will actually work.

I find it interesting that a lot of what Dr.Oz has on his show is pretty much “anti-paleo” and so I decided that if he can bring on hundreds of experts in the diet and nutrition field  every year then why not bring on Robb Wolf and introduce the world to the Man who has helped change the world of disease and food. I contacted the show, and wrote a little note about Robb and his book and am now waiting to see if the producers are smart enough to do something about it. I am definitely not going to hold my breath, just thought it would be interesting to see if one day an episode with Robb pops on TV, then you’ll know who to thank 😉

visit the transcript at


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