Quarter Life Crisis?

Hey everyone, so I woke up this morning realizing that 25 years ago today I was a new-born baby, awww, then quickly I remembered that 25 is only 5 years away from 30!!!! (didn’t Jessica Simpson say something stupid like that?) 

When I was 15 years old in high school and required to do a long-term plan of my life for a homework assignment, I remember thinking, hummm  at 25 years old I plan to me married, done school, and starting my career………. PFFTT! NONE of which have happened!!! Thats not to say I’m in crisis mode because of it, it’s just to say that things really do NOT go the way you plan when you’re 15 years old *insert Taylor Swift lyrics HERE*.

If you’re an avid reader of my blog  you’ll know that my family has been through an emotional roller coaster ride for the past few years, and although things seem hard at the time, I’m thankful that I have become a stronger person because of it. In fact, my life in the last year has gone through a lot of changes!!!!! The biggest of all being accepted to Grad School after the third time applying, and because of my final acceptance and knowing that this time I would  have put in the hard work and effort that I needed I would be able to move up and on from this plateau of part-time jobs. Another very HUGE change was doing a friendship clean sweep for Patrick and I was also very much a lifestyle adaptation, which seemed to be much harder on him than on myself. Trying to find positive people to bring into our lives to replace the negative ones was also a challenge, one that we are still working on, but seem to realize that Quality is more important than Quantity, and I want to thank all the new friends we’ve made, as well as the friends that we have reinforced our friendship with, and even the friends that we were able to re-build friendships with. I waved goodbye to my days of Sunday morning hangovers  and not getting anything around the house done, when I chose to no longer use the excuse to need to be drunk in order to have fun. ALTHOUGH, I have made one exception this year for my birthday I will have a Mojito or Pina Colada (or two) ;). This year I also was able to develop a stronger relationship with my mom and with my sister, which makes life so much more enjoyable, its important for them to know how crucial their roles in my life are, I need them to be able to function as loving member of society, and so now that we have become closer I feel less alone and more myself. And thanks to my moms years of amazing Christmas dinners, I had I high standard to live up to when I cooked my very own Mariani Christmas dinner which included three turkeys… Thank gosh no one was food poisoned ( thanks to the family for telling me it was good 😉 )!!! I was able to fall in love with cutest, most amazing little Princess, my  “Jack-o-lantern”  Adalyn, who is the only baby that can make my day  just from one smile! I love her and her parents like my own family!! And although I have yet to experience the joys of mommy-hood (hopefully not for a few years) I’m a proud momma of one of the best dogs in the world, JERSEY. who actually has a JOB!! She makes me so proud and I get so excited telling people about her accomplishments (i know i know, you can’t wait to see what i’ll be like when I have kids) And speaking of Jobs, I had my first experience working in a group home which was not only very emotionally exhausting and stressful but an eye opener as to how important functional Parents are to their children. Functional meaning mind, body and spirit. Taking care of yourself is the only way you’re going to be able to take care of your children. Which brings me to my last Change of the year, I tried my hardest to take care of myself and begin a healthier lifestyle and in doing so (with the help of a great friend and personal trainer Matthew Ratcliffe) I have lost a total of 32lbs and turned so much fat into muscle!!!! I hope that I was able to inspire others along the way and I know my Facebook pictures and post get a little tiresome, but education and exposure are important teaching tools. Theres so many people I can thank for all these important changes in my life, friends, family, and even complete strangers and I wish I was able to name everyone, and its days like theses when you wake up to so many birthday wishes that you realize  there are people outside of your everyday life that DO think about you, and that feels nice!

Pat has been a great support throughout all of these changes and I thank him very much for all that he has done. We have much to learn and more to grow and I hope that it only gets happier from here. Thanks Pat.

Id like to say that I WISH my cousin Josh was here to celebrate my birthday with me, growing up he was “THE MAN” in my life and I was content being his shadow no matter what. After 20 years of  growing and changing and him moving across the world, he’s still someone who’s words I cherish. Thanks Joshy. And thanks everyone for all you’re birthday wishes! It means so much!!

Have a great day!!!!


Ashley; 25 years in the making


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