Sweet Potato Allergy? Is there such a thing?

One of my favorite side dishes when I go out is a nice heaping serving of sweet potato fries (no salt). Recently after a dinner outing that resulting in the fastest drive home EVER! I had to do some food reflecting to figure out the cause of that dreaded stomach gurgle. I remembered back to when a friend of mine had baked some amazing sweet potato brownies and the same gut rot feeling surfaced instantly.
Common denominator being the sweet potato’s.
Like all internet savvy people I Googled for some info. Sure enough there it was!
Thanks to Livestrong.com, I now no I’m not the only one ;
” sweet potatoes also contain a type of sugar called mannitol that can cause stomach pain in some sensitive people. If you have noticed that your stomach hurts every time you eat sweet potatoes, you might have an intolerance to foods containing mannitol.” . . . So besides wheat and milk products that I’m allergic/intolerant to, I can now add to my list Mannitol! But what other foods contain mannitol?
cauliflower, mushrooms, snow peas, watermelon and celery
I also learned that “Mannitol belongs to the polyol, or sugar alcohol family. Sugar alcohols, such as sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol and mannitol, are often added to sugar-free ice cream, sugar-free candy and other sugar-free foods because they contain fewer calories and sugar compared with regular table sugar” (Livestrong.com).
Apparently all it takes is 10grams to cause a laxative effect, and speaking from experience, this happens within minutes after eating.
I might still be able to eat them if I keep my portion size to half a cup, but HALF A CUP? Come on! That’s just a tease when it comes to these awesome treats!!
The site also says I can try vegetables with a lower polyol content, such as leafy greens, white potatoes, parsnips, bok choy, green beans or bamboo shoots, and although white potatoes are on there, I don’t feel comfortable choosing the unhealthy fry option. :S
I did however find a great recipe for squash fries!
Although not as satisfying as the sweet potato version, I could get used to them.

As I side note, for those of you that find you do have a sensitivity to mannitol, be very careful not to combine it with spicy foods such as hot peppers or you’ll be needing to carry an extra pair of undies with you! Save yourself the embarrassment!

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