About ME

About me eh?

To start off, I’m a small town girl who grew up on the side-roads of Erin. My family owns a hobby farm with 50 acres and a few horses (none of which were mine). I grew up with German Shepherds as the family dog, and have a spot in my heart for canine companions, although it seems my little sister was the one who decided to make it her life journey to occupy her time with animals. She had the cowgirl lifestyle in her blood from the time she was born, which is now obvious with all the ribbons and trophies plastering the walls of my mothers barn. Her talent with horses quickly expanded to dogs and now she is a dog trainer, something which I wish I had pursued when I was her age.

I have a dog of my own now, her name is Jersey. She is a boxer crossed with a catahoula leopard dog and is the closest thing to a child I need right now. My partner and I bought her from a farm in Aylmer over two and a half years ago and she has been a princess since. She loves my two cats Meka (a maine coon cross) and Rusty ( a Himalayan Siamese cross) both of which I added to my little family when I lived alone in Kitchener for school.

School. Now that’s a never ending journey. I graduated from high school in 2005 and began my horrible 8 months in residence at the University of Waterloo. My room-mate experience was one you read about in fiction novels and to top if off I was in a relationship from hell ( that lasted 5 years total)! This whole “adventure” was the reason I chose to live alone for the remainder of my undergrad career (enter: my two cats – first Meka, then a year later Rusty). I completed 5 years of undergraduate work and graduated with an Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Sexuality Marriage and the Family with a minor in Social Development Studies. My thesis was on infidelity and risky behaviour, which i learned quite a bit about. living on my own I had the time and patience to get my work done. I had the best landlord who lived two stories up on the top floor of my triplex. My apartment was very small but all newly renovated and alllll mine. I soon made friends with an awesome couple that lived upstairs, and although we have now gone separate directions in life, i will always have the great times we spent together.

After the “ex” stopped showing up at my apartment randomly and destroying my dream of living in solitude, I began to let loose and test the waters of the dating world – less than a year later, when I almost decided to give up on internet dating and resorting to being the “crazy cat lady”, I received a charming message from a guy I would never have noticed in person. After he sent me link after link of not so interesting You Tube videos, I reluctantly gave him my number. Suddenly a few days later I found myself texting him on my way to my parents house ( this was when texting and driving was legal). We decided to meet on common grounds for a first date . This guy who was everything but my “usual” seemed to be the only guy who  not only made me laugh so hard i peed but also get me to confess the real reasons i didn’t eat taco bell 😉 . After the first date we were inseparable, and i found myself wanting to actually share my personal space with someone (other than my cats).

Fast forward three and a half years, three Masters applications rejections, one home purchase and one parental divorce later; i’m enrolled in the Post Graduate Applied Counselling program at Conestoga college part time, still applying for my Masters of Social Work, am a landlord to a fantastic tenant who lives in my basement and wondering where I belong in this world; when will I catch a break and find something I love to do and can make money without having to go to school again? I have thought about opening a restaurant that only serves Paleo or Primal recipes ( paleo is a dietary lifestyle that follows our caveman/cave-woman ancestors : no dairy, grains, lentils or legumes) since i have a passion for cooking in this fashion. I have even considered opening a gym where dogs and dog owners are able to train together, or you can at least bring your dog to the gym to get a separate workout while your getting your swell on. Of course the dream that is the most important is the one where some day I own my own practice or I am able to educate the public about sex and relationships. The next Gary Chapman as it were. but where I stand now, I have so much on my plate at this moment it becomes hard to think about doing what it takes to get there. I work part time as an Inclusion Facilitator at an early years center and I for the last six months i have worked as relief staff at a all girls group home. I would really just like to have a stead pay check doing something i went to school for, something i’m good at, and still have time to reach my fitness goals *oh ya by the way I also dream one day to have my body in such great shape that I am fitness competition ready- without actually having to be fitness competition ready*

This blog was started to capture all of these elements that make me who I am and give me an outlet to express them. And also so I stop clogging up my friends news feeds on Facebook. 🙂

I hope you enjoy!


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